A Musical Story of Time ♬

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We struggle with time! Popular lines like: “do things in your own time”, “time heals all wounds”, “live in the here and now”, suggest that time is important to the way we live our lives in the 21st century. Simultaneously, these wisdoms have a history. Without knowledge of this past such statements turn into empty and meaningless clichés, not applicable in life and not usable in debate. Therefore: we have to knów what time does to us and, vice versa, what we do to time. Susanna Bloem’s project, entitled ‘Time and person, now?!’, aims to uncover ideas about time-experience from the modern history of psychiatry and does that via research ánd composition. After all: there is no better way to start talking about the meaning of time than via an experience of time through music. Since music can make time concrete. Tonight she will play and talk about her first piece “Human time”: Which treats “Inner life history” a psychiatric concept of the first half of the 20th century. She invites you to listen along and investigate with her how music can help to describe past ideas about the psychic forms, possibilities and limitations time can take. And this way inform the question: What is the relationship between time-experience and a meaningful life?
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