"Beginning of the Entomological Enterprise in China": Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Entomology and Its Locust Control, 1922-1931

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Following the model of the Bureau of Entomology of the United States Department of Agriculture, Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Entomology was founded in 1922 by western-trained Chinese entomologists with support from agricultural merchants, the provincial government and American specialists. As the first Chinese research institute and governmental agency responsible for pest control, Jiangsu Bureau played an important role in promoting applied entomology in China. This paper discusses origins and development of Jiangsu Bureau within such local, national, and transnational contexts during the 1920s and 1930s. What is more, by focusing on Bureau entomologists’ locust control (in particular the case of adapting the Chinese traditional practice of mobilizing ducks to eliminate locusts), my paper also examines how techniques of western applied entomology were introduced, practiced, modified, and innovated to meet Chinese realities.
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20th century, early
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Entomology, China, scientific networks