Janskerk, Janskerkhof 26 23 Jul 2019 Special Event
Tools for Historians of Science 18:00 - 19:30

As historians of science, we are all somehow engaged – whether it's with our research, our teaching, the dynamics of our field, or thinking about how our expertise might be brought to bear on the myriad of challenges facing our world today. This year's plenary session explores what it currently means to be an engaged historian of science with an eye toward inviting further conversation with our audience and within the history of science community more broadly. The session will feature a small number of young colleagues whose research and related activities exemplify creative forms of engagement both within and beyond our discipline. This will be followed by a presentation by Sheila Jasanoff, in which she draws on her broad expertise to reflect on how engaged scholarship deepens our understanding of the roles of science in society and of society in science.

The plenary is being supported by the Elizabeth Paris Endowment for Socially Engaged History and Philosophy of Science. The Endowment honors the life of Elizabeth Paris, a scholar who was committed to integrating the intellectual side of the history of science with its social, institutional, and policy aspects. Learn more about Elizabeth Paris.

Organized by Lissa Roberts

Doors open 17:30

Stanford University
Max Planck Institute for History of Science
University of Twente
University College London (UCL), UK
University of Glasgow
IHC - CEHFCi - University of Évora
University of Sydney
PhD Student, National Technical University of Athens


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