The Present and Future of the History of Science Society's Publications

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The passing of the Society Editorship from Utrecht to Mississippi State University presents an opportunity for those overseeing HSS publications to discuss their work with members, and to highlight the range of ways that members of every career stage and specialization can participate in the publication life of the Society. It is also a chance to discuss, within proper bounds, what goes on in the various HSS editorial offices. Matthew Lavine, on behalf of his co-Editor Alix Hui, will outline their plans for Isis and the integration of digital history projects into our mandate, and invite the membership's participation in new forms of public outreach . Suman Seth will speak about the process of assembling a proposal for Osiris, and will address plans to shorten the production time for each volume. Jay Malone will comment on the origins of the Newsletter, and speak about changes planned in the coming year, including the announcement of a new permanent editor. Stephen Weldon will report on the status of the Cumulative Bibliography, as a print and online resource, and introduce the bibliographic essays that will be featured in forthcoming volumes. Floris Cohen, as outgoing Society Editor, will reflect on two aspects of his experience: the everyday realities of the refereeing process, and the consequences of Isis having been run for five years from outside the Anglophone world. These statements would take 45 minutes, with the balance reserved for questions and commentary from the audience, in particular graduate students and early career scholars.
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